Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are specialised specifically in doing this. Our consultants are fully aware that anyone selling a business activity has built it “putting their heart into it”. Thanks to this, after various meetings with the seller, we are able to separate the surplus that stems from the sentimental value from the asking price, reaching the perfect quality/price balance.

Yes, it is assessed based on the net income that the activity allows to be produced after the purchase. The price will be directly proportional to the production capacity of the company being sold, which can be assessed accurately by our consultants.

Yes, we show the purchaser an informative dossier that contains a general analysis of the company being sold. We reduce the possibilities of risk by 50%, assessing some fundamental parameters:  • Regulatory situation of the company being sold (documents and authorisations in order)  • Location of the company (commercial or residential area, whether there is a possibility for a car park, etc.) And the remaining 50%? That will depend on the management skills of the new owner. Our consultants will inform the purchaser ahead of time on: the skills and number of the human resources, any advertising campaign, business management and much more.

No, they are lower. The notary and consulting costs, thanks to telematics, are reduced. If we consider the opening expenses of a new company, the savings are ensured.

Yes, our staff is able to successfully meet the needs of each client, such as the geographical position of the company or the type of business activity, staying within the investment budget. Client information is handled with extreme confidentiality. We also provide consulting and support on the choice and eventual acquisition of the company being sold.

Yes, advantageous and necessary. Finding a company for sale is not exactly “child’s play”, and a team of professionals in the sector can greatly lighten the load of this type of operation. The consultants will assist you “step by step” in the selection and acquisition stages, guaranteeing the protection of your investment.